Water Country USA Williamsburg Projects

Project Overview

  • Long term Partnership with Water Country USA Williamsburg.
  • Multiple projects managed on budget and on schedule to allow for construction completion prior to the park opening.

When it comes to multiple projects and season-driven deadlines, we’re no lazy river.

Featured Projects:

Launch Pad
A renovation of an existing quick service restaurant – this express style sandwich and soda shop features floor to ceiling super graphic walls and a faux sand floor all themed to a playful mid-century space café.

A completely new large permanent kiosk set in the heart of Water Country USA Williamsburg. This grab and go shop features sodas and hand-held snacks in an old surfers shack.

Water Country Amphitheater
The project included re-configuring the theater to provide more seating, improve the sight lines, rework the stage, and to provide for future shade structures over the seating areas.

Hot Spot
GuernseyTingle designed the themed restaurant “in keeping” with the playful nature of the water park. 2,200 SF restaurant has two food lines to accommodate large numbers of visitors.