Jamestown Settlement Amenities

Project Overview

  • Multi-faceted project to revamp waterfront amenities
  • Queen of England scheduled to visit for the 400 year anniversary festivities
  • Award of Excellence, Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate, Best Institutional/Public Building, Jamestown Settlement Riverfront Amenities Area

GuernseyTingle blends modern amenities with 400 years of history.

A 400-year anniversary is cause for celebration, and the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation was gearing up for a big year commemorating the first landing of the English in the New World; even the Queen was coming for a visit.

The design problem however, was a complex puzzle on a restricted site that couldn’t close down for construction. The program called for replacement of the restroom facilities, removal of an old pump station and building to make room for a new one, new ship maintenance facilities, concession facilities, and a sheltered area for group gatherings screened from the interpretative areas.

When designing support facilities amongst living history replicas, it’s important to fade into the background as much as possible to respect the historic experience of the visitor. The canopy area of the compound is set behind a well-landscaped screen wall, and the timbers and fabric of the canopies pay homage to the replica ships nearby. The materials and details of the restroom building keep to historic tastes without trying to pass as a replica building. The combination of elements effectively screens the ship maintenance shop and storage yard from the public view.