Busch Gardens Williamsburg Projects

Project Overview

  • Long term creative partner with Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Experience turning around projects on budget as well as on a tight schedule

GuernseyTingle has added a modern twist to the “Old Country”

Featured Projects:

LeScoot Re-theme
The existing LeScoot Log Flume is a classic and original ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. After an extensive mechanical renovation and new ride vehicles, it was time to make the final drop something special. The core of the new LeScoot was the return of the rotating saw-blade. It rocks towards each log as it passes, adding to a comically dangerous atmosphere that is fun for the whole family.

Trappers Restrooms
This new facility was designed for the New France area of the park. The rustic architecture was chosen to blend in with “New France” (i.e., 1800s Canada).

A new Ice Creamery themed to turn of the century Paris. This existing structure was heavily modified and re-purposed from a non-functioning and abandoned restaurant into a completely new concept.

Union Snax
Located along the main entry of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s England hamlet and across from a major show building. The concept of an old London tea shop fit right in. With only 6 weeks of design time and the same for construction the design and construction team worked together to keep the project on schedule.

Festhaus Restrooms
Designed to blend with the existing Festhaus restaurant and theater, these renovations aimed at keeping the guest’s immersed in the celebration of Germany during Oktoberfest.